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Modern and Medieval Languages: Ukrainian

Curated resources: Ukrainian

In this section, you will find a selection of cultural and language-learning online resources for the study of Ukrainian curated by your subject librarian. These resources are open and accessible to all. 

If you are aware of other useful resources we should add to this list, do get in touch with your subject librarian.

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Resources in the UK

Slavonic collections in Cambridge University Library include more than 4000 Ukrainian books, including rare books from Peter Yakimiuk collection. Please contact Mel Bach for more information about the UL Slavonic collections.

The Ukrainian Institute London broadens knowledge in the UK about Ukraine and Ukrainians, in the realms of arts, language, literature, history, religion, culture and heritage, traditions and current affairs.

The British Library's Ukrainian Collections are strong in literary and linguistic works by Ukrainian writers of the second half of the 19th century. The collection is particularly rich in Ukrainian books published at the turn of the century and in the first three decades of the 20th century, both inside and outside Ukraine.

Russian and Ukrainian Archives Guide will give you information and tips for using archives in Russia and Ukraine. It focuses on the major archives and research libraries in Kyiv.

For research centres outside the UK, see the list of Ukrainian Studies Institutes around the world.

Language learning resources

The Language Center (Cambridge) provides printed resources, conversation exchange sessions, language learning resources. is a collection of resources supporting the study of Ukrainian. 

The CEELBAS Language Repository supports language training for research on Central and Eastern Europe.

Cultural online resources

Politics & society

Literature, culture and art

TV, film and radio

News websites

Transliteration and keyboard

Virtual Keyboard for Cyrillic Script (for both Ukrainian and Russian)

Library of Congress Romanization tables (transliteration):

Romanization of Ukrainian (Wikipedia)

If you experience difficulties finding a search term or item on iDiscover or online, please contact subject librarian.

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