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Modern and Medieval Languages and Linguistics: Ukrainian

E-resources: Ukrainian

In this section, you will find key electronic resources and databases relating to your studies. These resources are accessible with your Raven password or through a University computer. There are also open access e-resources, which are accessible without a password.

Additional databases can be found in the list of Eastern European Area Studies databases. Please also be sure to check the list of extra Slavonic resources (COVID-19).

More information on how to find e-resources is available in ebooks@cambridge online guide. 

Recommended University subscription e-resources (Raven login needed)

More e-resources can be found in Eastern European Area Studies databases and the list of extra Slavonic resources (COVID-19).                                                           

Recommended Open Access e-resources (no password needed)

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  • delivers to your desktop the article or chapter if Cambridge University Libraries provide subscription access;
  • delivers an Open Access version of the article/chapter if there is no subscription access.             

Transliteration & Keyboard

The Library catalogues all titles in Slavonic languages in transliteration. Transliteration is used to display the Cyrillic alphabet using Roman characters. The transliteration follows the transliteration tables provided by the Library of Congress for various non-Roman languages (ALA-LC Romanization Tables).

Library of Congress Romanization tables (transliteration):

Transliteration tool - Ukrainian

Romanization of Ukrainian (Wikipedia)

Virtual Keyboard for Cyrillic Script (Ukrainian)

If you experience difficulties finding materials, please contact subject librarian.

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