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Getting started with CamGuides for Master's

a man wearing a striped jumper stares at a busy white boardFocus on staying organised

This pathway is designed to help students identify which parts of CamGuides are particularly focused on activities related to getting, and staying, organised. 

You are welcome to follow the pathway outlined below, but this is only a suggestion; you should continue to feel free to explore the rest of the resource as you wish.


1. Navigating Cambridge

Resources to help you find your way around Cambridge, and especially to find spaces to study that meet you requirements.

2. Time management

Support on developing good time management practices, encouraging you to think through how you're going to organise your time and meet your deadlines.

3. Software for organisation

Ideas for free software and apps that can help you get and stay organised - related to calendars and scheduling, workload, and productivity.

4. Managing your references

Referencing accurately is an essential academic practice, but it can be laborious and time-consuming. This page provides advice on keeping track of your reading and managing your references effectively.

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