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CamGuides: Welcome to Cambridge

Finding your way around the city

map of CambridgeCambridge is a vibrant, exciting city, and as a University of Cambridge student you'll never run out of places to explore, visit and study. Although it isn't particularly big, it's worth looking now at where you'll be living, and how close you'll be to your department. It's also worth looking up the location of the nearest supermarket, bike shop, park to relax in, and more.

Exploring the website of the Graduate Union might be helpful, especially their pages and advice on living in Cambridge.

Use Google Maps PROFUSELY!

- MPhil Education student

Where to study

the spacefinder logoIt's likely that you'll have studying to do almost from the moment you arrive in Cambridge, and that might mean that you need to find somewhere to study. You have so many options across the University and city, but Spacefinder will allow you to input your preferences for a place to study and it'll then highlight some spaces in Cambridge that meet your requirements.