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Welcome to CamGuides for Master's students! The goal of this resource is to introduce you to some of the principal academic and research practices that Master's students at Cambridge commonly engage in, and to help you to identify ways that you can prepare for your Master's degree before it starts.

The great thing about CamGuides is that it will be relevant throughout your time in Cambridge but the suggested 'Focus on...' sections on the left hand menu will give you an excellent place to start. 

CamGuides for Master's is aimed particularly at students beginning taught Master's degrees at the University of Cambridge, and it doesn't matter which subject you're doing, or which college you're about to join. 

This page gives you some key information about CamGuides for Master's itself. To view the resource itself, go back to the CamGuides for Master's start page.

I wish there'd been a resource like that when I started my MPhil.

- MPhil Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic student

Five key facts about CamGuides for Master's

the number 5, painted in pale grey onto a dark green background1. It's for all taught Master's students, regardless of your subject, your college, whether you're studying full- or part-time, in Cambridge or at a distance.

2. It's designed as a 'pre-arrival' resource, which means that it focuses on what you can do to prepare for your Master's degree before it begins. But you can use it at any point, and no official Cambridge affiliation is required at all.

3. CamGuides for Master's is divided into six sections, covering many of the academic and research practices required for Master's level study.

4. How much you choose to use CamGuides for Master's is entirely up to you. You can work through the whole resource in full, or you can select only those parts which seem to be most relevant to you. Either approach is absolutely fine.

5. It's entirely free, and you don't need to sign up to any platforms. All you need is internet access.


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If you have any questions, or any feedback about CamGuides, we'd really like to hear from you.

Please contact us via email - and thank you!

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