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Official Publications: Election Literature

A guide to the official publications collections held within the Cambridge University Libraries.


While manifestos might not strictly be considered an official publication, they serve a similar purpose and can be instrumental in understanding the political landscape. Manifestos (and their international equivalents) are scattered throughout the web and libraries in Cambridge. This page will show you how to access party political manifestos past and present.

North America

The American Presidency Project

Provides links to American Presidential platforms. This page provides transcripts as well as formatted PDF copies of the most recent platforms.

Electronic Manifestos Canada

A collection of manifestos for all the major Canadian political parties since 1972.

The United Kingdom

There is no single collection of political party manifestos in Cambridge, but there are several scattered throughout the different libraries. For specific manifestos, search the name of the party and year of publication along with a keyword (like 'manifesto') in iDiscover. The manifestos of the three major political parties have been collected in books which are held in the University Library and elewhere:

Conservative Party general election manifestos, 1900-1997

Labour Party general election manifestos 1900-1997

Liberal Party general election manifestos 1900-1997

European Union Referendum

The University Library has a small collection of material related to the 2016 UK Referendum on membership of the European Union. The collection consists chiefly of campaign materials produced by the various groups on both sides, both in the run-up to the referendum and afterwards. It may be consulted in the Rare Books Room.

More information is available here:

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