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English Faculty Library Subject Guides: Drama

A site dedicated to resources for English Faculty students

Faculty Resources

Performance Rhizome - The English Faculty’s research community in the area of Performance. 

P:ace (Performance: Performance: Arts, Critique, Experiment) - A collaborative investigation by the University of Cambridge and the Drama Centre London into the relationships between literary texts and their interpretation in the arts.

Judith E Wilson Drama Studio -  Located literally and notionally in the basement of the Faculty of English, is both a venue and a studio: a place where completed productions can be seen by the public, and also a place in which work can be developed and worked at, or worked out.

Web Resources

Digital Theatre Plus - Recordings of live performances from the Liverpool Everyman Playhouse, the RSC and more.

Drama online - 350 plays from Nick Hern Books featuring leading playwrights, including Jez Butterworth and Caryl Churchill. As well as 400 audio plays from L.A Theatre Works and searchable scripts for over 1200 plays.

Routledge Performance Archive - Produced in partnership with Digital Theatre, the Performance Archive holds a range of audio-visual material from past and present practitioners of performance.

English Drama - Holds more than 3900 plays in verse and prose from the late 13th century to the early 20th century.

The Tragedy Paper:

(See also: the Shakespeare resources page)

Loeb Classical Library - Searchable virtual library of Greek and Latin literature. Includes single and dual-language reading modes and greek keyboard.

Leeds International Classics Studies - A peer-reviewed on-line journal, associated with the Leeds International Classics Seminar. It publishes articles and interim discussion papers on all aspects of Greek and Roman antiquity, and of the history of the classical tradition.

Classical Theatre and Drama - Web resource created by Professor Mark Damen of Utah State University.

The Eumenides & The Libation Bearers - Public domain electronic copies of Aeschylus' The Eumenides & The Libation Bearers from the University of Oxford Text Archive.

Didaskalia: Ancient Theatre Today - A peer-reviewed electronic journal dedicated to the study of all aspects of ancient Greek and Roman performance.

Classical Mythology: An evolving web tool - Website of resources compiled for a course on Classical Mythology run by Professor William A Johnson at Bucknell University.

Ancient Greek Theatre - Introduction to Ancient Greek Theatre written by Walter Englert (Omar & Althea Hoskins Professor of Classical Studies at Reed University).

Archive of Performances of Greek & Roman Drama (APGRD) - A research project based in the Classics Centre at the University of Oxford, investigating the performance of ancient texts, from Greek tragedy to Roman epic, from stage to screen, from antiquity to the present day.


See also: Greek Theatre at the National Theatre timeline for more videos and information about past performances of Greek plays at the NT.