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Trinity Hall: Library Introduction: Well-being

A guide to using the Jerwood library at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

Well-being help available in College

The College employs a professional mental health team who offer help, support and advice on mental health and other matters to all students. The aim of the service is to support students to maintain their mental health during their time at Trinity Hall.

How to access support

The Wellbeing team works across the year with both undergraduates and graduates, and the team are happy to receive referrals either from students themselves or from their personal Tutor.  They can be contacted by email.

The team try their best to respond within 24 hrs Monday to Friday and for an Initial Assessment appointment with the Mental Health Practitioner to be offered within 8 working days of first contact. The University also runs a Counselling Service for students, which operates on a self-referral basis.

Well-being help available in the Library

Studying at Cambridge can sometimes be challenging. We have a fantastic collection of books, resources and events to help support your well-being during your time at Trinity Hall. We can offer you the following resources:

  • Well-being book collection
  • General fiction collection
  • DVD collection
  • Board game collection
  • Colouring pages
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Easter term activities

Sounds to help you study and relax

Sounds of the Bodleian Library, offer you the atmosphere of a quiet library to help you study.

Calming sound recordings, offered by BBC Sounds including waves, birdsong, and rain, to help children and adults to relax and get to sleep. 

Calm YouTube channel offers meditation and music to help you relax. Calm also offers a variety of free content, from sleep and mindful movement to breathing exercises and journaling prompts online here.

Online puzzles and games

Daily Sudoku from the Guardian.

Daily crosswords from the Guardian.

Online jigsaws. Including an online collection of jigsaws of the Jerwood library and the Old Library

Jigsaw Explorer.

Boardgame Arena, join the largest boardgame table in the world!

BoardGameGeek Distance Gaming Guide

Virtual tours

Weekly Wellness Wander around Cambridge University Botanic Garden.

Virtual tours and sweeping outdoor views of National Trust properties.

Exercise tips

Well-being book collection

Shelf of books on well-being topics

What is it?

Our Well-being collection is located on the Second Floor near the door.

The collection of books offers help, support, advice and guidance on a range of topics covering anxiety, stress and depression, family or relationship difficulties, eating disorders, sexual problems, identity issues, bereavement and bullying.

The books in the Well-being collection (with a label starting W) may be borrowed confidentially and anonymously. You can keep the books for as long as you need them.

How does it work?

  • Well-being books will not set off the gate alarm and items can be borrowed discreetly.
  • Please complete a paper borrowing slip to record the loan by listing the following information: Date, classmark and the barcode number of the book (found on the sticker on the first page of the book). This is the only information that you need to list on the borrowing slip. You do not need to use the book checkout machine to borrow the book.
  • Please post your completed borrowing slip into the box provided on the shelf next to the Well-being collection.
  • You can make a note of the date that you borrowed the book by recording it on the date label inside the book. This will help to remind you of when you borrowed the book.
  • You can now leave the library with the book at any time and keep it for as long as you need it.

How do I return a Well-being book?

You can post Well-being collection books into the main drop box in the Jerwood Library entrance hall to return them.

If you would like to recommend a book to add to this collection, please email the library staff. Books can also be recommended anonymously using one of the slips next to the borrowing box.

Paper copies of leaflets from the counseling service are available alongside the Well-being collection. The leaflets are also available online here and can be downloaded.

Colouring pages

You can find colouring pages available in each room of the Jerwood Library.

You can also access colouring pages from our Old Library collections through the ColorOurCollections website.

Trinity Hall 2022 colouring book

Trinity Hall 2021 colouring book

Trinity Hall 2020 colouring book

General Fiction collection

On the Second Floor alongside the Well-being collection, we also have a General Fiction collection, shelved at classmark FIC. The General Fiction collection contains prize winning fiction, novels and short stories, so you can take a break and escape from studying! If you would like to recommend a book for this collection, please email the library.

You can also take a break and relax with free literary classics from Audible stories.

The BBC are also offering Classic Stories, which are available to listen to online.

DVD collection

We have a range of DVDs that can be borrowed, so you can enjoy a relaxing night in, or a movie night with friends!

The Library has DVDs on European and world cinema, Shakespeare and English literature, music and opera, and some great entertainment DVDs. They are shelved at classmarks M.IV-M.IX, located on the Second Floor alongside the Well-being and General Fiction collections.

You may borrow up to 5 DVDs at one time. If you need a DVD drive you may borrow one from the Library Staff Office.

Board game collection

In addition to the Well-being collection, we also have a small selection of popular recommended board games for you to take a break and take your mind off work. Board games are located on the Second Floor and can be borrowed from the Library and checked out using the self-issue machine.

The lost expedition

Classmark: W.G.1

Sleeping queens : a royally rousing card game

Classmark: W.G.2

Century spice road

Classmark: W.G.3


Classmark: W.G.4

Bunny kingdom : a game

Classmark: W.G.5

Ticket to ride : the cross-country train adventure game!

Classmark: W.G.6

Exploding kittens : a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats

Classmark: W.G.7


Classmark: W.G.8

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