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Trinity Hall: Library Introduction: Borrowing

A guide to using the Jerwood library at Trinity Hall, Cambridge

Borrowing items

The Jerwood Library is self-service. To borrow books, please use the self-issue machine (SIU) in the Library entrance hall. You will need your blue Cambridge University ID card to borrow items.To borrow a DVD, please bring the case to the Library Staff Office, and a member of staff will fetch the DVD disc for you.

You can login into your library account at any time to see what items you have on loan and when they are due back.

Please view the 'How to use the self-issue machine' video or guide for instructions on how to use the book checkout machine:

Requesting items

During term, if you need an item that is out on loan to another library user, you can log in to iDiscover and use the ‘request’ option to ask for it to be returned. 

If a book is recalled, the person who has the book on loan receives an automatic email notification straight away letting them know that they should return the book to the library within 3 days (excluding weekends). You will be notified as soon as the item is returned and available to collect from the library. You will have 7 days to pick it up, after which it will go back on the library shelves. There is no recall in vacation time.

Please note that you can only recall books on loan from libraries that you are registered with.

Request and Collect

The Library is offering a Request and Collect service. You can email the library with up to 5 books which will be fetched for you to collect from trolley in the Library foyer. Instructions on using this service are available from:

Request and Collect service

Returning items

You can return books 24/7 using the book returns box just outside the library. Items will be returned each morning Mon-Fri. During library opening hours you can also use the self-issue machine to return Trinity Hall library books and DVDs by selecting this icon on the touch screen:

Book returns image

All  books that have been returned using the machine should be placed in the returns box below the desk the machine is on.

Renewing items

Your loans will be automatically renewed on the library system 3 days before they are due, so you do not need to worry about renewing the items yourself. 

You will receive an email courtesy notice if items cannot be automatically renewed due to a recall request, in which case the books must be returned. 

The automatic renewal process will continue until you leave the University, at which point, you must return all of your library books. You will receive a monthly statement showing your library loans and overdue items, sent from: 

If you have 2 or more overdue recalled items loaned from ANY library then your card will be blocked from borrowing until the requested items are returned.

It is recommended that you check your library account regularly to keep track of your loans. You can see what you have borrowed by logging into your library account via iDiscover.

Loan periods

All current undergraduates, graduate students, Fellows and staff of the College with an active blue Cambridge University ID card may borrow up to 15 books and a maximum of 5 DVDs at one time. Books are issued for an initial 7 day period for undergraduates and an initial 28 day period for graduates and staff. 

Overdue charges

To make sure that books are returned on time so that other readers have fair access to them, charges are levied on all overdue recalled items.

If someone recalls a book or DVD that you have borrowed please bring it back to the library within 3 days. If you keep the book beyond the 3 day notification period you will be charged. The charge for overdue recalled items is £1.00 per item (book or DVD) per day. Overdue charges are added to your College bill at the end of term.

If you lose or damage a book or DVD, you will be charged the replacement cost of the item.

Vacation borrowing

During the vacation, items you have on loan should not be able to be requested or recalled and the books will continue to auto renew. Changing from term-time borrowing to vacation borrowing and vice versa happens on Tuesdays at 9.00 am. The dates for this academic year are as follows:

· Michaelmas Term borrowing starts: October 6th 2020

· Christmas Vacation borrowing starts: December 1st 2020 

· Lent Term borrowing starts: January 19th 2021 

· Easter Vacation borrowing starts: March 16th 2021

· Easter Term borrowing starts: April 27th 2021 

· Summer Vacation borrowing starts: June 15th 2021

More information

For more information about borrowing from Cambridge Libraries take a look at the Libguide here:


Any questions? Email: or Tel: +44 1223 332546 or 764464  Office hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.