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Supporting Education at Cambridge

Libraries supporting online learning

Collections and Resources: case studies for good practice 

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LibGuides are our preferred means of collating information about resources. They offer a way of guiding students along a path to a set of resources that suits their particular needs. They can be general in nature, but will often work well when the content is targeted for specific needs. For example, if your students do a year abroad then a specific section on the LibGuide will suit that cohort.

There are a variety of ways that you can do this:

Themes work well: examples:

Find out more about using LibGuides

Signposting Resources

Signposting all sorts of online resources: ebooks, newspapers, official publications; special collections

Online Library: Education Ebooks Collection - a blog post written a few weeks after the library spaces closed talked about the Online Library : Meg Tait from CCTL endorses this Online Library saying "this is a brilliantly helpful initiative".

Chemistry Library: signposting clearly on library website about online services, tools and resources

Ebooks: why might some ebooks not be available - link to this helpful description from the ebooks team

Promotional twitter posts about resources specifically for YOUR students

Making content available online

Digitisation of print content:

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