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UG CamGuides: Welcome to Cambridge

Get to know the city for your academic and social life

woman in road with mapYour department or faculty will put together the timetable for your subject. This will include most of your collective learning such as lectures, labs and classes. It will tell you when and where you need to be for the papers you have chosen. Many subjects use the University's online timetable, which enables you to build a personalised timetable to download. Even if your subject is not on there, you will be able to download the full schedule so that you can note the time and location of your lectures.

Supervisions are organised by your Director of Studies and so they will not appear on your timetable. You will need to add these to your diary to remind you when they are taking place. There may be other, one-off sessions that do not appear in the timetable. Keep a look out for these and add them into your calendar accordingly.

It is crucial that you find out the time and location of teaching sessions and have a look at a map before you set off, so that you feel prepared for any lectures or supervisions that you attend. 

Have a look at our page on Time management to help you ensure that you know what you are doing and when.

lightbulb iconSetting up a timetable

Find out if your subject is covered by Timetable.

You will need your Raven login to be able to access the timetables. You should receive this shortly before arriving in Cambridge. Even if you can't see the timetables right now, this is an important resource to bookmark for when you arrive. More information is available on the UIS Timetable webpages.

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