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UG CamGuides: Welcome to Cambridge

Get to know the city for your academic and social life



Fitzwilliam MuseumThere are so many opportunities to develop skills in Cambridge while taking a break from your studies.

Student life offers clubs and societies, exhibitions, concerts, plays, sporting events, workshops, guest lectures and more. You will be able to find something that interests you whatever your past experiences or if you are looking to try something new.

The city is packed with museums, gardens, riverside walks, cafes, shops, cinemas, and sports centres to name but a few of the informal ways you can unwind on your own or with friends.

Choices, choices!

football match at Churchill collegeThere are a multitude of clubs and events at both college- and university-level. Your college will provide you with lots of information but try find time in Fresher's Week to engage with both your college and the University Freshers' Fairs to find out more about what is on offer. Clubs and societies will be keen to talk to you and encourage you to take part.

Your motivation to join a club or society can simply be to have some fun. And that's fine! But many students also find that they take on areas of responsibility and learn how to take minutes of meetings, manage budgets, plan events and fixtures, work on promotional materials, lead a team, develop technical skills and more. 

You may find that these skills help you in your studies or, at the end of your degree they may come in useful when applying for a job. All of these require strong time management skills too.

Try it Yourself

lightbulb iconWhat is on offer? 

There are hundreds of clubs and societies available to join at university.

Every college will have a distinctive offering and this list lets you search for a society to suit you. Maybe you will see something new that you fancy trying or it'll confirm your desire to join something that you already love doing.

You could also watch these videos about the Clubs and Societies on offer in Cambridge.

Clubs and societies videos link on YouTube

Informal ways to relax

Of course, you don't have to belong to a club to take a break and enjoy yourself. 

Take time to plan events into your week. It is good for your wellbeing to stop work for a while, take on new challenges and make friends from different colleges and departments. If you have a social event in your diary, you can plan your work accordingly. Many students feel more productive, knowing that they have a deadline to work to and something to act as a reward for finishing a task. 

Familiarise yourself with the websites of theatres, music venues, (indoor and outdoor) swimming pools, bowling alley, cafes and clubs. You can take a walk in the Botanic Gardens or visit one of the many musuems, all of which are free to you as a student.

Look at the University map on the Finding your way around Cambridge page to see where they are in the city.

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