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UG CamGuides: Welcome to Cambridge

Get to know the city for your academic and social life


Students sitting outside the Faculty of LawWe are delighted that you have chosen to study in Cambridge and are keen that you feel at home in this city. You will get to know it very well over the course of your first year but be prepared for it to take time to orientate yourself.

We encourage you to look at the map to get a feel for where your college is in relation to your department, browse timetables for your subject area to see where you might be studying, and read about Cambridge libraries to familiarise yourself with the range of learning resources on offer throughout the city.

Click on the icon to the left to listen to this introduction as an audio recording

Take a peek at what Cambridge has to offer

This video takes you across the city to discover some of the places and facilities that will be available to you at Cambridge.


As you go through this guide, if there are any terms that you are unfamiliar with, click on Terminology in the menu. This page lists words from across the whole of CamGuides for Undergraduates which may be new to you or have a specific meaning at Cambridge and provides a definition to set them in the context of studying here.

Using CamGuides for Undergraduates

Go to Using CamGuides for Undergraduates for information about what is included in the resource and how to find your way around it

There is plenty of support is available when you start in Cambridge. However, if you'd like to ask something specifically about using CamGuides for Undergraduates, email

  • CamGuides for Undergraduates is completely optional
  • It comprises five sections
  • It is aimed at all new undergraduates
  • You can revisit it at any time
  • You don't need to sign up to any platform
  • There are optional tasks to complete next to the lightbulb icon in a grey box

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