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Architecture & History of Art: Teaching Materials Library

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The Architecture and History of Art Library hosts a comprehensive collection of building materials located on the ground floor. This collection is continuously growing and adapting to incorporate the latest advancements in material technologies within the industry. Its primary objective is to complement the design and research endeavors of the Architecture Faculty while promoting awareness of sustainable building practices.

Students and visitors are warmly encouraged to personally engage with the Materials Library, wherein they can interact with specimens firsthand, fostering a deeper understanding of material properties and applications. This hands-on experience serves to enrich academic exploration and innovation within the realm of architecture and design.



Additional Information:

The Granta Edupack 2023 Software is available to all students. It is an extremely helpful database of materials and materials properties. It also has an in-built environmental impact/LCA calculator

Classification of materials

Material Catalogue

Natural Materials

Horse Hair

  • Horse Hair


  • Bamboo

Tulipwood CLT

  • Tulipwood (Hardwood) CLT


  • Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Birch Plywood

  • Birch Plywood (made with Kurf cut technique)

  • MDF

  • Birchwood


  • Chipboard


  • Plywood

  • Soft Wood- treated

  • Soft Wood- not treated

  • Clay/ Earth Brick

  • Cork

  • Hemp Fabric

  • Wool

  • Compressed Straw

  • Box Joint Technique- Timber joinery


Ceramics, Glasses and Stone

  • Welsh Slate

  • Ytong (test piece)

  • Limestone

  • Plaster Board

  • Glass

  • Glass Block

  • Natural Clay Plaster



  • Hemp Corrugated Bioplastic

Adobe Brick

  • Adobe Brick

  • Flax Cork Composite


  • Wood & Cork Composite

  • Sandwich Panel; Cladding material for insulation


  • Sandwich Panel; polyurethane OSB


  • Plaster and polyurethane panel



  • Hemp-lime (hempcrete)


Polymers (Plastics and Rubbers)

  • Acrylic


  • Styrofoam


  • Sugar Based Thermoplastic


  • Starch Based Plastic (3D Printed)


  • Starch Based Plastic


  • Plastic (textured)

  • Transparent Insulation Material (TIM)

  • Plastic (Vacuum Formed)

  • Plastic (Vacuum Formed)

  • Transparent Insulation Material

  • Tyvek


  • Styrofoam Insulation Panel


Metals and Alloys


  • Aluminium


Building Details


Our Architectural Heritage




Reference Books


Constructing Architecture: materials, processes, structures: a handbook/ Andrea Deplazes

Construction Materials Manual/ Manfred Hegger

Materials for Building/ Lyall Addleson


Glass in Architecture/ Michael Wigginton

Practical Building Conservation: Glass and Glazing/ English Heritage


Natural Materials

Modern Bamboo Structures/ Yan Xiao, Masafumi Inoue, Shyam K Paudel

Hemp Lime Construction/ Rachel Bevan, Tom Woolley

Solar Dryers and Their Role in Post Harvest Processing/ B. Brenndorfer

Building with Straw: Design and Technology of a Sustainable Architecture/ Gernot Minke, Friedemann Mahlke

The International Book of Wood/ M. Bramwell

The Design and Practice of Joinery/ J Eastwick-Field, J Stillman

Timber Construction Manual/ Thomas Herzog, Julius Natterer, Roland Schweitzer, Michael Volz, Wolfgang Winter

Hermann Kaufmann Wood Works/ Hermann Kaufmann, Otto Kapfinger

Rammed Earth: Design and Construction Guidelines/ Peter Walker

Ceramic Material Systems: in architecture and interior design/ Martin Bechthold, Anthony Kane, Nathan King.

Building with Large Clay Blocks: details, products, built examples/ Theodor Hugues, Klaus Greilich, Christine Peter


Brick: A World History/ James W.P. Campbell, photographs by Will Pryce







Bricks: their properties and use/ Brick Development Association.

The Craft of Stonemasonry/ Chris Daniels

Dressed Stone/ Theodor Hugues, Ludwig Steiger, Johann Weber

Practical Building Conservation: Stone/ English Heritage

Cladding of Buildings/ A.J. Brookes


Architecture and Construction in Steel/ Alan Blanc, Michael McEvoy, Roger Plank

Plastic Materials/ J.A. Brydson

Plastics for Architects and Builders/ A. G. H. Dietz

ETFE Technology and Design/ Annette LeCuyer

Construction Manual for Polymers + Membranes/ Julian Lienhard, Jan Cremers,  Markus Gabler, Jan Knippers

Insulating Materials: Principles, Materials, Applications/ Margit Pfundstein, Roland Gellert, Alexander Rudolphi, Martin Spitzner

About Render: Designing and Realising Plaster Surfaces/ Annette Spiro, Pinar Gönül,Hartmut Göhler


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