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Selwyn College Library: Locating books in the Bartlam Library

This page will give you a quick introduction to locating books and other library items in the Bartlam Library.

We have included links to information on searching for books and articles on iDiscover (and beyond) and to borrowing and returning books and DVDs. This page will tell you where in the building you can find things on the shelves.

There is information on the end of each bay of bookcases showing the shelfmark number range of the books on the shelves. There is currently very general subject information included on the bay ends, which will be fully updated during Michaelmas.

What you'll see on iDiscover

Books in the Bartlam Library will show on iDiscover as being on the first or the second floor.

You will then need to make a note of the shelfmark so you can find the book on the shelf.

You should also find that books on the second floor have shelfmarks that start with an S (for second).

Is it available?

iDiscover should also show you if the book (or DVD) is available to be borrowed or if it is already on loan.

If a book is on loan, you should first check if it is available at a subject library or the University Library and borrow a copy from there.

If there are no copies available anywhere, you can place a request and the person who has the book should be alerted to return it.

Subject list

000s    Computer Science and Information


100s    Philosophy and Psychology


200s    Theology


300s    Social Sciences
(Sociology, Anthropology, Politics, Economics, Law, Education)


400s    Languages and Linguistics


500s    Natural Sciences and Maths


600s    Applied Sciences
(Medicine, Engineering, Veterinary Medicine, Management)


700s    Arts
(Art History, Architecture, Music, Performing Arts)


800s    Literature


900s    History and Geography 

First Floor

Most of the library's books are on the first floor. This is where you should find almost all the books you need to borrow.

The book sequence starts to the left as you enter the first floor and runs from 001 to 997.

There are reference copies of popular titles on the first floor, alongside the borrowing copies, but most reference books such as dictionaries will be on the second floor.

DVDs are in the two lower-height bookcases (A and B on the floorplan). Portable DVD drives can be found in bookcase A.

Floor plan of the Bartlam Library first floor

Second Floor

The books on the second floor are reference books or books that are rarely borrowed (with some exceptions). This is to help keep this floor quiet.

As on the first floor, the book sequence starts to the left as you enter the reading room and runs from S 002 to S 996.

You are able to borrow the books on this floor (except for the reference books).

Floorplan of the Bartlam Library second floor

The Bartlam Library is open from 7am until 2am during term and from 7am until midnight during the vacation.

Library staff are usually available between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday, either in the library or working from home. If you have an enquiry of any kind, please email the library and we will get back to you as soon as we are able.

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