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Who is this LibGuide for?

This LibGuide is for anyone who has wondered 'Where are the ecology books in Cambridge?' or 'What online resources are there for ecologists?' or 'Where can I get help?'

There may not be a place specifically called the 'Ecology Library' in Cambridge, but there are many different spaces you can use, most notably the Plant Sciences and Zoology Libraries.

Perhaps more importantly than having one specific library, Cambridge does provide many specialist print and online resources for Ecology.

This LibGuide will give you an overview of the resources and research support that libraries can offer. If you need help or further information, you can contact the Plant Sciences Library via, or the Zoology Library on

Print material

Ecology is a subject area that does not have a library in Cambridge specifically dedicated to it, but that shouldn't be a major problem. You should still be able to find what you need in one of the 'other' libraries. There are many ecologists working in the  Department of Plant Sciences and in the Department of Zoology, and so both these libraries should be able to help.

If you need information related to animals, the Zoology Library is the logical place to start, and it is open to all current University members.  Please see the Zoology Library website for further information.

If you need information on plants, the Plant Sciences Library is the logical place to start, and all members of the University are welcome to use it. A brief indication of the material we hold can be found on these webpages under the 'collections' tab above. Further information on specialist print resources for plants, and library help, is available via the Plant Sciences Library website.

Obviously there are many print resources related to ecology that are not specific to plants or animals - in general, either of the above libraries may be able to help. There are many other libraries in the Cambridge system, and some may also hold items of interest, but it depends very much on the subject you are researching. Use the iDiscover search box on the right to see which libraries hold what, and what is available online. See the libraries directory, with opening hours, admissions policies, etc.

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Online resources

The subject area of Ecology should be relatively well-served by e-journals, but it depends rather on what you are researching. Almost certainly, any paper cited on a reading list will be available to members of the University online.

You might find that some of the more specialist or older papers you need to read may not be available online. Don't let that put you off! The Plant Sciences Library or the Zoology Library may well have a paper copy of the journal ; if not, another library in Cambridge probably will.

Although some subject areas are now taught with heavy reliance on e-books, the sciences are not well-served by this format, and furthermore, books do not feature strongly on reading lists. This is because in the sciences information must be completely up-to-date , and books, whether e- or paper, often cannot provide that.

A few standard texts may be available as e-books, but you are unlikely to find that many of the books you need to read are available online. If they are, they will be linked from the library catalogue [use the box on the right] Please be aware that sometimes the e-book is not the most recent edition published either!

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