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What's in this LibGuide

This LibGuide will help you get started with using resources in subject area Genetics available at the University of Cambridge, including:

  • Finding out if we hold named books or journals
  • Accessing e-resources
  • Searching for subject-related published papers, and some recommended databases
  • Help with referencing and Reference Management Software

But as this guide can only cover the basics and provide links, remember you can always contact the librarian for help - that's her job! The Cambridge system can sometimes seem complicated, and there is often a not-necessarily-obvious way to get around things.

Contact e-mail :

Genetics Resources and Collections in Cambridge

There are many specialist online resources, and some in print, for Genetics in Cambridge. Probably almost everything you need will be accessible online : Genetics as a subject does not rely on the whole on a 'collection' of print resources. These pages give you an overview of the resources and research support that is available.

..... But it is only an overview! Please contact if you need further subject-related information or help.

Online resources

The subject areas related to Genetics are well-served by e-journals subscribed to by the University, but obviously we don't have access to absolutely everything online. Almost certainly, any paper cited on a reading list will be available to us online.


Although some subject areas are now taught with heavy reliance on e-books, the sciences are not well-served by this format, and furthermore, books do not feature strongly on reading lists. This is because in the sciences information must be completely up-to-date , and books, whether e- or paper, cannot provide that.

A few standard texts may be available as e-books, but you are unlikely to find that many of the books you need to read [if any] are available online. If they are, they will be linked from the library catalogue : use the iDiscover box on the right.

Please be aware that sometimes the available e-book is not the most recent edition published!

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Print material

Genetics as a subject does not use print resources very much. The Genetics Library, however, is likely to hold much of the printed material you might need.

Very occasionally, you might find that some papers you need to read are not online. This is usually not a problem - The Genetics Library may well have a paper copy of the journal ; if not, another library in Cambridge probably will.



Search for books, journals and research papers

Use the new library catalogue interface, iDiscover, to search for books, journals and research papers.

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