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Study Skills: Study Skills Resources

Study Skills Resources

Female student working in library on laptop: courtesy of Churchill CollegeThis set of downloadable one-page study handouts is designed to be used by teachers and/or SLOs in school sessions, or as an independent learning tool by students. They can be printed off for classroom use, or shared online.

They can be used as stand-alone units or as a series, and can support students from Year 11 onwards in developing study skills for A-Levels, EPQs, school projects and later university study.

For SLOs: 

If you would like to discuss how Cambridge libraries could support any of the study skills covered further, please contact us to find out more.

For Teachers: 

If you are interested in further support from Cambridge libraries, please contact your link-area Schools Liaison Officer in the first instance, and contact us if you have any further questions.

Online Resources

In addition to taught study skills sessions and the CamGuides resource, there are various study skills resources available online from Cambridge libraries. Some of the most useful for school and pre-university students are listed below. 

If you are a librarian and would like your resources added to the list, please contact us to let us know about them.

Fitzwilliam College: Study Skills

Aimed at first year undergraduates, many skills in this resource will prove useful for school students wanting to engage in more independent study. Includes content on time management, learning online, and listening skills.

Newnham College: Study Skills

A page that brings together resources from libraries and faculties, alongside tips from current students. Aimed at current undergraduates, but with wider relevance.

Wolfson College: Transition to University

Part of the Wolfson College Academic Skills programme, this page includes links and resources aimed for mature (21+) students transitioning to university, many of which could also be useful for school-leavers.

Cambridge LibGuides: Study Skills

The extensive Cambridge LibGuides platform has a section devoted to the development of study skills, including good academic practice, referencing, copyright and more.

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