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UG CamGuides: How will I learn at Cambridge?

Different learning environments, both physical and online

What was in this section?

This section introduced some ways that students will learn at Cambridge. They may be new to you or you may have had some experience of similar styles of learning before. If they are new, it may take time to adjust to the new structures and expectations associated with them. Academic staff will know you may not feel comfortable in those settings straightaway and will give you time to settle in.

The key styles we introduced in this section were:

  • Independent study: reflecting on your study space to maximise your efficiency
  • Lectures: the purpose and skills associated with this form of learning
  • Supervisions: the opportunities presented by this mode of discursive learning; the need to present ideas and ask questions
  • Labs: a practical, hands-on approach
  • Online: that learning can continue outside formal contact hours
  • Clubs, societies and hobbies: how to get the most from your free time

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We hope that you found the information in this section useful and will return here during the course of your studies to remind yourself about some of the skills you will develop as a student in Cambridge.

You can download a checklist to tick off the pages you have covered, make a note of areas you wish to revisit, or highlight topics you have yet to engage with.

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