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UG CamGuides: How will I learn at Cambridge?

Different learning environments, both physical and online


There is no typical 'day in the life' of a Cambridge student as this will differ according to subject and individual circumstances.

The university has produced an online story about students' lives in Cambridge, called 'In their own words'. Take a look to see how students feel about studying at Cambridge.students sitting on steps of a building 

Finding your way around Cambridge will take awhile like in any new environment. See what students told us about how this worked for them.

Enjoy a cycle ride around Cambridge.

The Cambridge Student Union has lots of student reps who are posting about how their work is going. Search for #cambtweet on Twitter for your subject. 

The following slides are an example of a typical weekly essay for a student studying English:

Day in the Life videos

There are lots of 'Day in the life' videos available on the University You Tube channel, and two are featured below. You can find similar content by searching for 'day in the life at Cambridge'.

Image credits

Image credits

University of Cambridge, Nick Saffell