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Psychology Collection in Cambridge

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Access to scanned resources only via the link on Moodle (exclusive for students taking the paper)

Access the Reading List Online and select the Department "Psychology"

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With lots of libraries dotted across Cambridge, it can be difficult to get to them all, so check out our virtual library induction from the Biological Sciences Libraries Team.

Library Catalogue

Any physical resources can be found by searching on IDiscover, the University of Cambridge Libraries catalogue. Filter by resource types or for the Libraries you wish to use. Many of our libraries have a dedicated computer you can use to access the iDiscover Calatogue, but you can also access the catalogue from your own computer, or even using your mobile phone.

Collection (with classification scheme)

We have a superb collection including rare books and the bequest from John MacCurdy. The major subject categories of the collection are:

Abnormal Psychology

Experimental Psychology

Cognitive and Behavioural Neuroscience


Comparative Psychology


Developmental Psychology

Social Psychology

MacCurdy Library (classmarks begin with a number)

0.4: Works of J. T. MacCurdy

0.6: History

0.8: Textbooks of psychiatry and psychopathology

12: Miscellaneous psychiatry and psychopathology

14: Clinical psychology

16: Schizophrenia

20: Affective disorders

21: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

24: Health psychology

28: Psychological therapies

32: Psychoanalysis

36: Works of Freud

40: Works of Jung

44: Experimental and theoretical psychopathology

48: Child development

52: Education

56: Learning disorders

59: Little Club Clinics in Developmental Medicine

60: Child psychiatry (except Psychoanalysis)

64: Delinquency

65: Addictive behaviour

66: Ageing

68: Nervous system (normal and related disciplines)

72: Disorders of the nervous system

73: Aphasia

74: Hypnosis

76: Personality

80: Sex

84: Social

88: Tests

90: Philosophical

92: War

96: Miscellaneous

98: Congresses

100: Theses


C. Physiological

C.1 General physiological psychology and neurophysiology

C.2 Texts: anatomy, physiology, genetics

C.4 Senses, general

C.5 Hearing

C.6 Vision

C.8 Neuropsychology

C.9 Neural connectionism

C.10 Psychopharmacology

C.11 Motivation and emotion

C.13 Motor and action

D. Comparative Psychology

D.1 General and theoretical

D.2 Invertebrates

D.3 Birds

D.4 Mammals (including primates)

E. Experimental and General Psychology

E.1 General

E.2 General and introductory texts

E.3 Gestalt psychology

E.4 Perception (including time)

E.5 Reading

E.6 Human learning, memory, skill, vigilance

E.7 Human motivation and emotion

E.8 Animal behaviour, learning and motivation

E.9 Language and thinking, decision making

E.10 Temperament and personality

E.11 Technique

F.  Mathematical Psychology

F.1 Mathematical psychology

F.2 Artificial intelligence

F.3 Computer program manuals


G.   Research Design, Experimental Design, Mathematical Techniques

H.  Developmental Psychology

H.1 General

H.2 Child development

H.3 Intellectual processes

H.4 Learning difficulties

H.5 Disorders of development, guidance

H.6 Educational psychology

I  Social Psychology

I.1 General texts

I.2 Social anthropology

I.3 Sociology

I.4 Attitude and opinion studies

I.5 Propaganda, morale, leadership

I.6 Human relations, group studies, families

I.7 Applied social psychology

I.8 Crime

J.  Abnormal Psychology

J.1 General

J.2 Psychiatry and psychotherapy

J.3 Psychopathology

J.4 Psychoanalysis derivatives

J.5 Jungian psychology

J.6 Learning disorders

J.7 Psychological counselling, tests, etc.

J.8 Sleep, hypnosis, dreams

J.9 Blindness, deafness

K.  Individual differences and mental tests

K.1 General: intelligence and differential measurement

K.2 Factor analysis

K.3 Intelligence tests, psychometrics

K.4 Genius

K.5 Sex

K.6 Scholastic tests and examinations

K.7 Graphology

L.  Industrial and Applied Psychology

L.1 General

L.2 Time and motion study, fatigue

L.3 Military and service psychology

L.4 Personnel: selection and guidance

L.5 Ageing

M.  Aesthetics

M.1 General

M.2 Music

M.3 Literature

A. History of Psychology

B. Biography

N.  Philosophical Psychology

O.  Religious Psychology

P.  Psychology in Economics and Politics

Q.  Environmental Psychology

R.  Bibliographies, Reports of Congress

S.  Collected Papers

T.  General Reference, Study and Research Skills

U.  Miscellaneous

V. Russian

W.  Popular Science

X.  Sex

Document Delivery Services

Where an article is not available from within Cambridge, researchers can apply for an Inter-Library Loan from another participating institution.

Both the University Library and the Betty & Gordon Moore Library operate an online service that is open to all registered users:

The Betty & Gordon Moore Library runs a free Scan & Deliver service to allow current University staff and students to get remote access to their collections that are not currently available electronically.

Holdings coverage

Users should be aware that the service only covers the holdings of the Betty & Gordon Moore Library, and the Engineering Library. To make an order, please use the relevant online form.

Electronic Legal Deposit ebooks: an exception

screenshot of eLD record in iDiscover

On iDiscover you might come across books that are "Available on designated PCs in the UL and most Faculty and Departmental libraries”. These ebooks are supplied to the UL by publishers under Electronic Legal Deposit legislation, and may only be used on designated PCs for Electronic Legal Deposit access.

Read more about Electronic Legal Deposit.

Highlights of our Collection


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New Resources - Showcase

Risk and uncertainty in a post-truth society / edited by Sander van der Linden and Ragnar E. Löfstedt.
Cognitive development and cognitive neuroscience : the learning brain / Usha Goswami.
Cognitive neuroscience : the biology of the mind / Michael S. Gazzaniga et al

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