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Geography: Home

Your comprehensive online information and study resource for studying Geography at University of Cambridge


There are many specialist print and online resources for Geography in Cambridge. These pages give you an overview of the resources and research support that libraries can offer.

The Geography Department Library supports the teaching of the Geographical Tripos and MPhil courses in the Department.

Over 26,000 titles are currently held, including 23,500 monographs, 2,000 offprints and 300 series (working papers from geography departments of other universities).

There is also a collection of rare books, the Clark Collection, which was bequeathed to the University in 1910 by John Willis Clark, former Registrary of the University and Secretary of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society. These are mostly 18th and 19th Century travel books and are available on request. They may only be consulted in the library under the supervision of a member of staff.

All titles held in the library are searchable on the University Library's iDiscover catalogue.

Most journal consultations are electronic and members of the Department can access thousands of journals through the University Library. There are also a wide range of other electronic resources available. Use the links below to access these materials online.

What on this guide?

On this guide, you'll find:

  • Information about resources, both print and online, that you have access to in Cambridge.
  • How to access other libraries within Cambridge.
  • How to recommend books and other resources that you think will be useful. (Please note that this is for academic and research staff only. Recommendations from students must be signed by a member of the academic staff and submitted in person to library staff).
  • Information on referencing all the research support available to you here in Cambridge
  • Details of exhibitions past and present in the Geography Department Library
  • Lists of Tripos dissertations and MPhil Placement Reports (for Conservation Leadership) available on request in the Geography Department Library

Online resources

Tripos dissertations

The Geography Department Library holds first class Tripos dissertations for four years.

Details can be found on iDiscover by searching using the words 'Geography', 'Tripos' and 'Dissertation'. These are available for consultation only on request from library staff and may not be photocopied.

To look at a dissertation: fill in a blue slip (available on the pillars throughout the main reading room) by giving the shelf reference (e.g UG 19/01) and your name, and hand this in at the Library Helpdesk. Return the dissertation once you have finished with it.

The library also holds some Placement Reports from the Conservation Leadership MPhil course. These are also available on request.

Some of the most exemplary undergraduate dissertations (scoring first class marks in all three marking categories) are retained and are sent to the main University Library where they can be accessed in the manuscripts room. Check the catalogue record for a note which says 'transferred to UL' and visit the UL for access.

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