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Your comprehensive online information and study resource for studying Geography at University of Cambridge

Accessing and using the physical collection

The 'Cambridge' Classification of Geography reflects the stress laid on the systematic approach by the Geographical Tripos, and therefore subordinates treatment by region to treatment by subject.

To find the title you are looking for, first consult iDiscover and find the catalogue record. Note the shelf reference - you can go directly to the shelf to pick up your book.

Some older and duplicate materials will have a note on the catalogue record advising you to 'Apply Librarian'. These are kept in the Librarian's Office and are available during staffed hours.

The Book Numbers

  • It provides means to classify books by subject and divide them by region and period.
  • To differentiate between items within a class sequential numbers are added after the class.
  • The volumes in a set are given the appropriate number following a full stop after the main book number.
  • Multiple copies of the same item are given a copy number in brackets following the item number.
  • If there is an English of French translation of a book already in the library it is given the number of the original followed by E or F.
  • RB - The Rare Books (Clark Collection) are currently held in the Staff Common Room and the Head of Department's Office, available on request.

Collections Showcase

request access to past dissertations

A selection of dissertations from recent graduates, and MPhil Conservation Leadership placement reports*, are now available for reading access online.

Select the dissertation from the list and add the code number in the request form. 

We regret to announce that paper copies of dissertations submitted prior to 2020 are not included in this service.

Part of the Clark Collection

Where to find resources?

If you need to find a resource within the Geography Library Physical collection, click on 'All libraries' and select 'Geography Library'

 Use iDiscover to track things down

Are you searching for an article title on iDiscover? Sometimes iDiscover does not have the article title indexed so a quick workaround is to search by the Journal title itself and navigate to the electronic or hardcopy from there. Be sure to check what issues are on offer as there may be gaps in what years of a journal we hold.


Access to scanned resources only via the link on Moodle (exclusive for students taking the paper).


Access the Reading List Online and select the Department "Geography".


On your Moodle Course, you will find direct links to the list and those moodle links allow you to access every scanned chapter available. All items with the Tag "Scan available" will be available to enrolled students to download once they log in via Moodle Course (this is a CLA requirement). 

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  • Book or ebook recommendations, please use the 'New book' form. 
  • For Chapter, please contact your library or the inter-library loans via iDiscover for books not available in the geography library.
  • For maps or atlas, please email Map Department staff . Provide as much detail as possible.
  • For journals (including ejournals) or databases, please use the 'Recommend a journal or database' form.

Going beyond the Cambridge Libraries collections

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