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Study Skills

Creating Conference Posters: Printing and Presenting Your Poster

Coffee break

a photo of people at a conference standing around during a coffee breakConference attendees are most likely to look at your poster during a tea/coffee break, or during a dedicated poster session. 
Image by Steve Cliff on Pixabay.

Printing your poster

Once you have finished your poster you may need to print it out. Before you print your poster print it to a PDF first and at 100% magnification make sure that the colours, fonts and images look perfect.

You can send your poster to Media Studio or Department of Engineering IT to be printed. The conference may have a specified printer for posters.

If the conference uses electronic posters you can still print your poster to be displayed on your wall.

Presenting your poster

When you present your poster, you want to make sure that you make a good impression, and that your work is memorable to other people at the conference. If the conference has a special poster session (where poster authors stand by their posters to talk people through them), make sure you are ready and prepared to speak. Use your fingers to point at different sections, and make sure you can talk confidently about your research without notes. If possible, attach a photograph of yourself on or near the poster so people can recognise you when they want to ask questions. Make sure you are friendly and approachable.


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