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CamGuides: Finding and Using Resources

Raven, and other access

Raven authentication screenshot

Access to most resources in Cambridge is via Raven: a Raven authentication screen will appear as you try to access a resource behind a Cambridge paywall. This is nearly always automatic, but you can force a log-in directly to Raven by going to the website directly.

This means that access to a large number of resources available in Cambridge won't be possible until you've received your Raven username and password. (It is, however, usually the same as your email address and password, if you've received that already).







Accessing resources via UK Access Management Federation

You may be required, on occasion, to authenticate using Shibboleth, or via the UK's Access Management Federation. (Note that Cambridge does not use Open Athens).

You may be able to search for the institution in order to log in to a resource; alternatively choose UK Access Management Federation, and the University of Cambridge from the results.

If you're not certain whether Cambridge has access to something, you can try one of the following:

If the library doesn't have the book you need, you can always request it.

- MPhil (Part III) Maths student, 2017-18


If Cambridge does not subscribe to something that you've found in your search results, and would like to access, then you have several options - this mostly depends on the nature and format of the item:

It's always worth checking with library staff as they might know of more expedient ways to access something.