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Land Economy: Land Economy Collections

Information about collections for Land Economy

The Land Economy collection at the SPS Library reflects the multidisciplinary nature of the teaching at the Department of Land Economy. It contains books covering  subjects such as law, real estate finance, environmental and resource management, international development and urban planning. It also contains a particularly strong collection of economics text books.


Land Economy: Dissertations, Journals & ebooks links

The University holds a range of journals relating to Land Economy, including the role and use of land, real estate, and environment within an economy. It applies particularly the disciplines of economics, law and planning for the analysis of the governance of land use, urban areas and interactions with other environmental resources. A list of electronic journals appearing on Land Economy reading lists can be accessed here.

Arch to access the SPS library where print materials for sociology can be found.

Arch to access the SPS library where print materials can be found.

The SPS library is accessed via the archway on Free School Lane.

SPS library interior

SPS library interior

The friendly staff at the SPS library are happy to help you to locate the materials you need. 

You can find more information about how to locate materials on the website.


Sociology journals

The SPS Library holds a range of journals relating to Sociology and Land Economy.

Computers in the SPS library

Readings can be accessed via moodle.

Take a look at the Sociology and Land Economy Readings moodle site. You'll find copies of your Sociology paper guides and Land Economy reading lists here with scans of key chapters or articles.


MPhil and PhD Theses

You can access a range of MPhil and PhD Theses via the SPS library. 

For more information see the SPS library website.

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