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To get help write to:

Signs that you have a problem with Raven access to e-resources are:

If you have no access to any e-resource via Raven

You see the message "File missing: docs/deny.htm"

You can test your Raven account's access to e-resources is working with this Raven Test page

Using Raven

What is Raven?

Raven is not just a large black passerine of the corvid family, it is also Cambridge University's user authentication system.   It is used by full members of the University for remote access to e-resources subscribed to by Cambridge University Libraries. Current members of the University and affiliated institutions are provided with a password for the Raven authentication system by the University Information Service (UIS) when they arrive.  For more information about the service visit

When do I use Raven for e-resource access?

When you are off campus (away from Cambridge and outside the University Data Network (UDN)) you can access e-resources subscribed by Cambridge University Libraries via the iDiscover catalogue, the e-resources homepage, or the subject LibGuides.  Clicking on any e-resource's link (URL) will trigger the display of the Raven authentication (login) page.  You should use your CRSid and Raven password to login and will have access to the e-resource.  

If you find e-resources on other sites (e.g. Google Scholar; publisher websites) you will need to find the Shibboleth link in order to access the e-resource if it is available from Cambridge University Libraries.  You will be asked to select your Shibboleth federation which is always the "UK Access Management Federation" and to select your institution (University of Cambridge) and then, on the Raven authentication page, enter your CRSid and Raven password.

Raven authentication is also used directly into the iDiscover catalogue in order to take advantage of increased options for searching and to view your patron (borrowing) account.  A guide on login to iDiscover is available here.  Raven authentication is also used on campus as well as off campus for a very few e-resources that require this under licence agreement with the publisher.  These include Web of Science and the Digimap resources (Ordnance Survey cartographic resources).

Take care

You must never show or give your Raven password to anyone under any circumstances.  

If your Raven password is compromised or you forget it, visit the Raven Password page. 


Make your life easier

Use browser extensions to trigger Raven authentication only once and on any website

If you don't want to have to think about whether or not your are on or off campus or whether or not you are on a library website, we strongly recommend you install either the Lean Library or LibKey Nomad browser extensions – or both.   These tools have been specially designed and are subscribed by Cambridge University Libraries so that you can automatically re-route your links through the EZproxy service.  Once installed you will only be required to make a single Raven login for each new browser session.

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