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Reading Lists Online

Reading Lists for Offer Holders

The Faculties and Departments at the University of Cambridge provide reading lists for undergraduate offer holders. It is unlikely that you will be expected to read or buy everything but there may be one or two key texts that your Department or Faculty would like you to have access to before/at the start of term.

The lists for each course/subject (Tripos) are on the left hand side of this page.

Tips for using pre-arrival reading lists

  1. The lists tend to open and function better in Chrome and Firefox (and less well in Edge and Safari).
  2. Once you open a reading list, do not then try to use the resulting URL to open the list again. The reading list will not open from that URL. You always need to use the URL on this page to open your list.

Finding your reading list items

Most of the books on your subject's offer-holder list have a resource link so that you can find the things you want online, or if they are only available in print the information will show you which library to find them when you are in Cambridge. 

CamGuides is a resource for students who are starting their studies in Cambridge. There is lots of useful information in these guides that you can come back to at any time during your time at Cambridge. This resource gives you some information about how you can go about finding books and resources when you are in Cambridge, especially our pages on How do I find books and articles from a reading list?

Librarians are really happy to help you find the books and resources that you need. If you have any questions just contact us via our online helpline

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