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Supporting Education at Cambridge

Reading Lists Online

Moore Library

Purpose and Framework

Cambridge University Libraries provide resources for teaching across the collegiate university. Library staff use taught course reading lists created by academics to purchase relevant items in the format and quantity required using parameters such as student numbers, accessibility and usage to assist them.  

Reading Lists Online

This is a new way of working using a system called Leganto which can easily be integrated with Moodle courses, iDiscover and Library purchasing workflows. It allows items on lists to link easily to online resources, as well as linking to the iDiscover catalogue records for print items. It encourages well-structured lists with priorities clearly signposted, and many other features to assist students and academics, whilst ensuring an efficient provision of resources by libraries.

The Library’s strategic vision is to provide an unrivalled education experience for students. The key objective is to provide Reading Lists online via Leganto for 60-70% of all taught courses’ reading lists, with a streamlined, consistent approach which encourages a healthy approach to student workload.

For local accessibility support, please contact the Cambridge Libraries Accessibility team by email at (More information on Cambridge Libraries: accessibility and disability)

Library Staff Champions

For general help contact the HELPDESK : 

The staff below may be able to assist you with your questions

Daniele Campolo (West Hub) Sue Lambert (Maths)     
Laura Moss (English) Matthew Patmore (Divinity)
Lizz Edwards Waller (Law) Paul Cooke (POLIS & History)

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