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Borrowing from Cambridge Libraries

Term and Vacation

Term and Vacation dates for 2019-2020

During the vacation, items you have on loan should not be able to be requested and will continue to auto renew. There are a very few exceptions to this rule, but for example during vacations the University Library will still allow books to be requested and require them to be returned. 

Changing from term to vacation and vice versa happens on Tuesdays by 9.00 am. The dates for this next year will be:

  • Michaelmas Term borrowing starts: October 8th 2019
  • Christmas Vacation borrowing starts: December 3rd 2019
  • Lent Term borrowing starts: January 14th 2020
  • Easter Vacation borrowing starts: March 10th 2020
  • Easter Term borrowing starts: April 21st 2020
  • Summer Vacation borrowing starts: June 9th 2020