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Accessing Resources

Borrowing from Cambridge Libraries

Disability support & student well-being

Cambridge University Libraries are committed to providing equal access to their services and facilities for all users. If you require assistance using our libraries please contact the relevant library - information is available via the Libraries Directory.

The main University Library has a specific email which you may care to use:, but in any case get in touch with your local subject or college librarian to discuss any needs or circumstances that you may have.

If you give full disclosure to the Disability Resource Centre your library status should be amended to take account of this.


Student wellbeing is really important to us. We need to balance your needs with those of the wider community, but here are some of the ways in which we are aiming to improve student wellbeing:

  1. Remembering different rules for every library can be stressful, so we hope having fewer rules, which are more consistent between libraries, will be easier for everyone.
  2. For most libraries your regular book loans will auto-renew, which saves you worrying about books going overdue when you haven't been able to get to the library. But bring books back when you're finished with them in case others need them.
  3. Due dates for returning items in nearly all the libraries should not fall at a weekend. You shouldn't have a book go overdue at a weekend, so you can relax and enjoy the weekend!
  4. Fines are only used for overdue items that need to circulate really quickly. We need the items back to make sure that all students get the chance to read the material.
  5. If you use the Sidgwick site there are two returns boxes on the site so you don’t need to visit the libraries to return books if you don’t have time, or if you come to the site when the libraries are closed. Follow @sidgbox on twitter.
  6. You'll get a monthly statement on the 2nd of every month with a list of what you have out on that date (and just in case you have overdue fines you’ve forgotten about, it will remind you of those), so it's easy to keep track of items you might have forgotten you had out.

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