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What is ArchiveSearch?

ArchiveSearch contains thousands of descriptions of archives held in Cambridge by almost 30 different repositories or archive organisations.

ArchiveSearch allows you to:

  • search and browse information about archival materials held in Cambridge
  • search and browse digital archive materials (like digital copies of paper archives, or digital files)
  • find out information about where archives are held and who to contact to request to see materials, ask for copies and to find out further information.

Visit the ArchiveSearch demonstration video. 

Start using ArchiveSearch

Image of archive shelving

Image credit: Alice the Camera

What information does ArchiveSearch contain?

Every archive is unique and so the descriptions of them you can see on ArchiveSearch vary.

Some key information (the name of the archive repository holding the material, the reference code and title) is available for all archives.

Additional information (such as information about how the repository acquired the material) may be included in some descriptions but not in others.

What are archives?

Archives are records produced by individuals, families, businesses or organisations during their existence. Archives come in a huge variety of formats- from parchment documents to digital files. They are historical documents dating from early centuries to the present day. Archives are retained by their creators or by archive repositories because of their ongoing interest to researchers.

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