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Study Skills

Research Resolutions: refreshing your research landscape

Week 4: Get to know your funder requirements

First of all, congratulations for getting to Week 4! This week we've dived into the sometimes complex and often confusing world of funder requirements. We cover many different concepts from Open Access to sharing your data openly. If you don't know what your funder's Open Access policy is, the Office of Scholarly Communication curates a list of the main funders with further information on what you need to do. They also curate a list of the main funders' policies in relation to data management requirements.

In our video we mentioned services like Apollo and Symplectic Elements as things that you may want to explore and possibly even use, depending on what stage you are at in your research journey. 

In Week 3 we talked a lot about data management and gave you the opportunity to start drafting out a data management plan. If you want to go further and use DMPonline, you can do that, as well as taking advantage of the University's data management plan support service

There's lots of things to explore so we wanted to give you some resources to go and investigate before completing this Week's task.

This Week's task

As this Week's topic is so specific to you as an individual researcher, especially if you are receiving funding or are self-funded, this Week's activity gives you space to reflect on what all of the different concepts we covered mean to you.

Once you've had a chance to complete the activity, head on over to our 'Finishing Up' section to register for a Certificate of Completion!

If the activity does not load, you can access it directly through the LibWizard website

Help and support

If you have any questions or want to speak to someone about this topic in more detail, email the Biological Sciences Libraries Team and we will be able to chat with you about your literature searching.

Further reading

If you're ever not sure about whether a journal is the right fit for you and your funder, check out the Sherpa Romeo website which will give you up-to-date information about all the various provisions (or lack thereof) that different titles can offer. 

Want to read up a bit more about Open Research? The Office of Scholarly Communication has a useful overview on their website

Want to go even further, the Unlocking Research blog has some great content to work through with a cup of tea.