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Accessing Resources

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There are now three ways of searching iDiscover. Simply select one of the options at the top of the search box:

  • Cambridge Libraries Collections: books (printed and electronic), other physical library content and Apollo, the Cambridge institutional repository.
  • Articles and online resources: Articles online (both in peer-reviewed journals and from other sources), databases, electronic journals and other online content.
  • Everything: All of the resources covered by the Cambridge Libraries Collections and Articles and online resources searches.


Quick guides to iDiscover

  1. Logging in (last updated 31/08/18)
  2. Quick searching (last updated 06/11/18)
  3. Finding books and ebooks  (last updated 06/11/18)
  4. Finding journals and articles (last updated 07/11/18)
  5. Advanced searching methods (last updated 12/12/2018)
  6. Refining, expanding and ordering your results (last updated 12/12/2018)
  7. Requesting and renewing items (last updated 27/11/2018)
  8. My library account (last updated 09/01/2019)
  9. Exporting results (last updated 27/11/2018)
  10. Search for special collections (last updated 29/06/18)
  11. Search for maps and atlases (last updated 26/07/18)
  12. Search for music (last updated 29/06/18)

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