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Document Delivery Services: Participant Information Sheet for Document Delivery Service: Feedback

Participant Information Sheet: Document Delivery Services Feedback

This feedback survey gathers the views and experiences of Cambridge University Libraries Document Delivery Services users. The purpose of gathering this information is to enable informed decision making regarding the delivery and development of the service.   


All responses will be anonymous and any identifying information will be removed from the data sets as soon as possible after collection. The results of this study will be written up for use by the University Library in the first instance and may be shared with a wider audience if deemed suitable. Please note, this is not exclusive to any given format. This will be done at an individual question level but not across responses to avoid participants being identified. 


Continuing with this survey indicates acceptance of these terms. Participants can withdraw from the survey at any time by emailing: with their request marking the Subject Line: Participant Withdrawal from Document Delivery Services Feedback. 

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