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Engineering Library: Presentation skills

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Microphone on a purple backgroundPresentation Skills

Presentations are one way to share your research. You want to ensure your message is clear and that you are confident in presenting your information to others.

Your presentation should let your key points stand out and show that you have expert knowledge, and a clear and succinct message.

This page will help you learn how to communicate your key messages clearly and concisely.introduce good practice in creating and delivering presentations.

Presentation Skills: Online Training

The Engineering Library team offer support and training on presentation skills, so feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We are also available for you to book a one-to-one session for practicing a presentation and getting feedback, as well as testing technology before you present online, please use our Booking Form

You can watch a short video on Presentation Skills by clicking the link below (opens in YouTube):

presentation skills video

Activity: Practice your Presentation

Recording yourself by using a digital tool of your choice such as Teams, Zoom or Google Meet, audio recording on your phone, or simply just watching yourself in a mirror, practice delivering all or part of a presentation. This can be a presentation you are about to deliver, or one you have delivered previously. It can be about your current work or research, or a topic of your choice. 

Think about the key principles from the slides above:

  • Audience: Have you considered your audience and what you want them to know after your talk?
  • Clarity: What are your key points? Is your message clear? Are you using visuals effectively?
  • Practice: Have you practiced your talk?  Have you practiced your talk again?

If you would like feedback on your presentation, or would like to practice with online presentation software, you can book a 1:1 with one of the team using our Booking Form. Please keep presentations to around 10 minutes if you would like to receive feedback. 

Presentation Resources

There are several online resources that can help you when it comes to presenting. Some you may find helpful are:

Presentation Skills Toolkit Online training from the Researcher Development Programme.

Academic Presentations In-depth information on academic poster design from the University of Hull Skills Guides.

Your body language may shape who you are: A TED talk delivered by Amy Cuddy.

Present like a Pro Online training from the University of Manchester My Learning Essentials.

Register Your Completion

To register your completion of this online training, please go to the booking page below and click "book a place" (Raven login required):