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English Faculty Library Services: Covid edition: Book a study space

Book a study space

Any member of the university will be able to book a study space in the library for two shifts: 10am-12.45pm, and 1pm-3.45pm. You can book one of these, or both; if the latter, you can stay even during the 15 minute changeover at 12.45pm.

You don't have to turn up at the start of your booking, but you will have to leave promptly at the end. When you're in the library, you'll be able to sit anywhere that's free, browse our shelves, use and borrow books. A limited library desk service will be available if you have questions.

You don't have to book far in advance and, if there's a space, you can book and come straight into the library. There's also no limit on how many bookings you can make, though it won't be possible to book a study space more than 2 weeks in advance.

Unless you have a medical exemption, you'll have to wear a mask in all places in the library, even when you're settled at a desk.

The booking link is here.