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English Faculty Library Services: Covid edition: Click and collect

Click and collect

With this service, we'll fetch the books for you and you'll be able to book an appointment to collect them from the library itself. This has been designed for our library users who have medical conditions which make coming into the library during our normal opening hours difficult or stressful. You will never be asked to provide details of these conditions.

Despite the name, it's not quite the same as the UL's Click & Collect. You'll book an appointment to come into the library on any weekday and at any point between 3-4pm or 4-5pm (at the latter time, we're closed to other users, so it'll be especially quiet). As you book, you'll list the books or DVDs you want to borrow. We'll fetch those, and have them ready for you to collect. The books or DVDs will be in a bag with the handles untouched. We'll follow strict protocols in our handling of these books or DVDs.

You can book the appointment for the next day, or any time in the next two weeks, so you can plan this well in advance. We're unfortunately not able to do same-day fetching.

The booking link is here.