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EFL timelines

English literature and its contexts”

The Cambridge Literature Timelines are a resource aimed at developing contextual knowledge of the literatures studied in the English Tripos. They provide a visualisation of the historical, social, political, and literary events that shape and surround the tripos papers and the texts studied for them.

What are they for?

  • Starting a paper: Browse the timelines to get a broad idea of the historical and literary scope of a paper. The postcolonial and American timelines are ideal for getting a head start on the historical backdrop for Part II papers.
  • Choosing a dissertation topic: Use the timelines to explore less well known authors and to make connections between papers.
  • Revision: The timelines are particularly useful for Practical Criticism revision. They can fill out gaps in your contextual knowledge, put dates to names, and familiarise key authors, literary movements and groups.


Tips for using the timelines:

Switch between 2d and 3d view using the button in the bottom left hand corner Use the spanner button in the bottom right hand corner to search for a specific entry or to limit the display to individual categories (i.e. Poetry, Philosophy)



The Cambridge Literature Timeline

From Beowulf (c.1000) to Bob Dylan (Winner of the 2016 Nobel Prize for Literature).

View the other EFL timelines below:


timeline timeline
timeline  timeline



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