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We have a superb collection including rare books and the bequest from John MacCurdy. The major subject categories of the collection are: Psychopathology, experimental, developmental, comparative, cognitive, behavioural, abnormal, social psychology ...

Referencing Style

The recommended style for citations and referencing for research projects or dissertations for the undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Psychology is APA.

The required style for assessed work in the MPhil in Social and Developmental Psychology course is APA style.

Why you should cite your sources properly:

  • to enable your readers to locate and check your sources
  • to give credit to the researchers whose ideas you have used in your work
  • to help you to avoid plagiarism

Recommended books Psychology Students

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Recommended Steps

Start your literature review early

Your literature review will help you to find out what is already known about the topic you are investigating and will enable you to understand your research topic thoroughly. It may help you to avoid inadvertently replicating work that has already been done. It will help you to answer that important question: Which areas deserve further investigation?

Be systematic

Approach your literature review in an objective, methodical and structured manner. Plan what you are doing in a way that you could describe so that somebody else could replicate what you have done.

Other Referencing Advice

You will find reference management software useful for creating bibliographies. General advice on referencing and study skills can be found here. Further advice, including online tutorials to test your understanding of plagiarism and good academic practice here.

 Mendeley guide here

Zotero guide here


Students in the Department of Psychology should familiarise themselves with the following guidance on plagiarism:

University-wide Statement on Plagiarism
Faculty Board Guidance on Plagiarism (Faculty of Biology)
Department of Psychology Statement on Plagiarism