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Genetics: Genetics Collections

Information about collections for Genetics

Genetics is a subject that generally relies on the most up-to-date information. Probably most of the resources you need will be online.

Because of the need for very current information, the Genetics Library does not hold a large number of recent books. However, you may find you need to refer back to 'classic' texts. We do have these! Most can be borrowed. We have also retained a small collection of books once owned by Reginald Punnett, the first Balfour Professor of Genetics [1912-1940], and a few owned by R A Fisher [Balfour Professor 1943-57].

The 'Reserve' collection contains key texts in Genetics, many of them recent publications. Mostly these are the books recommended on reading lists, plus some important items commonly consulted by researchers or new lab members. These are for use in the library only, so that anyone can use them when they need them.

And although many genetics journals are now available online, we do have some back-runs of titles not covered by the subscribed databases and some fairly rare publications of small societies.

The Genetics Library was home to two unique collections of reprints. One of these relates purely to Drosophila, and the other is based on papers collected by Reginald Punnett, with subsequent additions by Ronald Fisher. Both are under-used treasure troves of 'classic' papers! They are currently held in a storage unit so please ask if you are interested in these.

All the above are identified on the online catalogue - except the reprints. The Drosophila reprints, however, are indexed by FlyBase

Undergraduate recommended reading

All books recommended on Part II Genetics reading lists are held in the Genetics Library, in the Reserve Collection. We also provide a copy of books recommended in segments of 1B CDB and Ecology; 1A Biology of Cells, Evolution and Behaviour; Mathematical Biology; and 1A MIMS in the MVST taught by Genetics lecturers.

The bad news : There is only one copy and it is strictly Reference only.

The good news : That means you can always get hold of the book, and read it in the library.

Reserve Collection texts are identified by red stickers. They are filed alphabetically by author in the shelves next to the centre walkway on the right-hand bookshelves as you enter the library. Look for the shelves labelled with pink identifiers 'Reserve Collection'.

All Pt II recommended journal articles are provided as photocopies in the Genetics Library. We don't generally load pdfs on to Moodle, but recommended papers should be easy to find online.

Don't forget your College Library should have copies of recommended course textbooks.

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