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Engineering: About us

Information about the Department of Engineering Library, including information for researchers

About the library staff

The Engineering library team cover the information needs of members of the Department from Undergraduates to Researchers and technicians to administrators.
Our team includes research support and teaching staff, a Moodle coordinator, and the Department's Data Protection Officer, just to mention a few of the specialist skills and knowledge we can provide.
Drop in from Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00 or send us an email with your questions.


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Staff profiles

Niamh Tumelty - Department Librarian, Head of STEM Libraries 

Niamh co-leads the library team within the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. This role involves overseeing the development of research and teaching support services, spaces and collections, tailored to the needs of faculty, student and research engineers, as well as liaising with other departments to improve library and information services across the university. Niamh was Engineering Division Program Planner (2016) and a member of the Annual Conference Advisory Council (2017) for the SLA Annual Conference.  She holds postgraduate qualifications in education (Trinity College Dublin) and librarianship (Aberystwyth University). Current research interests include information literacy, user experience and the library’s role in supporting connections between academia and industry.

Ask Niamh about: Research skills and ethics, data protection, methodology and teaching.

Lynne Meehan - Department Librarian 

Lynne co-leads the library team within the Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge. This role involves developing the library and information service in support of the teaching and research of the department. This includes working closely with staff and students to develop collections, spaces, services, and training. Lynne has an MA in Librarian and Information Science (UCL) and a PgCert in Adult Learning and Professional Development (UCL) and is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Her interests include developing learning environments, research support, knitting, sci-fi and coffee.

Ask Lynne about: Research Data Management (RDM), research skills and teaching.

Emma Etteridge - Deputy Librarian (Teaching) 

Emma has worked for the University for 12 years in various libraries in Cambridge. Academically she started life in History before moving over to Library and Information Science. Her interests include virtual learning environments, knitting, craft cider and detective fiction.

Ask Emma about: Moodle, Tripos materials, copyright, teaching and research skills.

Lucy Welch, Assistant Librarian (Teaching) 

Lucy has worked for the University for a number of years, starting out as an assistant at the University Library before moving on to Events & Outreach Coordinator for the 600th anniversary celebrations and finally managing the events and training programme of the Office of Scholarly Communication. Academically she studied Psychology before moving to Library and Information Science. Her interests include research ethics, roller derby, tea and Star Trek.

Kirsten Lamb - Deputy Librarian (Research) 

Kirsten is originally from Seattle and has a background in medieval studies, archaeology and heritage management. Since moving to the UK she has received a PGDip in Information and Library Management and a Level 3 award in education and training. Her interests include information literacy, teaching, social justice, science fiction, photography and weightlifting. She is always looking for innovative ways to support researchers and believes that library services are enhanced through building relationships with those who use them. So drop in and have a chat over a cup of tea any time!

Ask Kirsten about: research skills, ethics and methodology, technical reports and Open Access publishing.

Ryan Cronin - Assistant Librarian (Research) 

Ryan has worked in various roles around Cambridge, including stints in public engagement, communications, teaching and web design. He originally studied Theology at St Catharine's College, before entering the library world and receiving a PGDip in Information and Library Management. Ryan is interested in online resources, interactive learning, science, mythology and Doctor Who.

Ask Ryan about: blended learning, communicating your research, Open Access and Inter Library Loans.

Francesco Mannu, Library Assistant