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Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic: Collections

Print ASNC collections in Cambridge

The ASNC department aims to provide the highest quality research resources for its students and research members. The ASNC library can be found on the first floor of the English Faculty Library. It consists of about 6,000 books and journals, covering all the subjects taught in the ASNC Tripos, and it's growing every year.

You can also find hundreds of ASNC books in the ASNC Common Room. These are mostly donations. You're very welcome to use these books, but they may not be removed.

The University Library has an excellent ASNC collection, as do several of the college libraries.

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Electronic resources

You can find detailed listings of electronic resources and databases at the eresources@cambridge page. There's also an extensive A-Z  of our ejournal collection available on ejournals@cambridge or via iDiscover.

Recommend a book

We're very happy to receive recommendations from ASNC students or researchers. You can do this via the ASNC department, or you can ask the library directly via one of the following forms.