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English Faculty Library Services and information: Joining the library

Fines and overdue books

Library fines

Normal loan: 25p per day

Short loan/DVD: 50p per day

Recalled books: £1 per day

Once your item is overdue you have a 1 day grace period during which you're not fined.

To renew your books online, go to 'My Account' on iDiscover.

All members of the university can register to use the English Faculty Library. You can register online by filling out this form.

Alternatively, if you'd prefer to register in person, feel free to come to the main library desk and we'll set that up for you.


What can I borrow?

Everyone can borrow 12 items (books or DVDs) 

Borrowing periods for books vary based on your status: 

  • All undergraduates: 1 week
  • Postgraduates: 4 weeks
  • Academic visitors: 4 weeks
  • All Senior Faculty: 4 weeks
  • Distance learners: 4 weeks

Short loans and DVDs: 3 days

If you do not fit into any of the categories above, or are unsure about your borrowing rights, please contact us in person or by email for more information.