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English Faculty Library Services and information: Library facilities and rules

Is there wifi?

Wifi is available throughout the library via UniOfCam or Eduroam.

To connect to UniOfCam you will need your Raven log-in and password. To connect via Eduroam (which has slightly better coverage in the library) you will need to collect a UIS token. Details on how to do this are available via the University Information Services website. You can also use Eduroam to connect to wifi when visiting any other participating institutions in the UK or abroad.

Printing, photocopying, scanning

There are computers in the Desktop Services room and by the ASNC books on the first floor. There are also several printers (both colour and b&w), and a photocopier and scanner in the Desktop Services Room.

Credit for printing, photocopying and scanning has to be purchased online in advance from the University's DS-Print website.


What you REALLY need to know about EFL

Undergraduates, graduate students, senior members and academic visitors are welcome to register with the English Faculty and can borrow books and DVDs from us.

You can register with us in person whenever we are open (please bring your library card with you) or online.

The English Faculty Library imposes fines on all borrowers, students and faculty alike, at the rate of 25p a day for each book or 50p a day per Short Loan book or DVD overdue. You can pay fines online using a credit or debit card - please enter the exact amount when prompted. Fines may take up to 24 hours to clear from your account. Alternatively you may pay by cash at the issue desk.

If you think you may have lost a book from the English Faculty Library, please contact us by email or in person to discuss what to do next.

We're very happy for you to recommend books for us to buy. There's a book suggestion form on our website, and paper forms at the desk. You can tell us how quickly you need the book, and we'll keep you informed about its progress.

My Library Account

My Library Account is a really useful way to find out how many books you have on loan and when they're due back to the library, and to renew the books you've borrowed. Log in with the barcode from the back of your University card, and to renew books, just click on their titles!

You can also access it from iDiscover.

EFL Rules

Books should be checked out on the library self-issue machine or at the issue desk.

Fines are strictly imposed on all borrowers, students and Senior Faculty alike, at the rate of 25p per day for each book, or 50p per day for each DVD or Short Loan book.

Books should not be borrowed on behalf of another person.

You should not vandalise the books (e.g. marking the text in pencil).

Recommend a book!

Some useful documents about EFL

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